Welcome to the era of smartER phones. Get on fastER & smoothER with life.
Experience the true definition of high definition. Awaken your senses to a
brand new world of ever evolving intelligence.
Company Profile
To be one of the most futuristic technology companies,
leading with innovation and evolution through product,
people and services par excellence.
• Create Technologically smartER PRODUCTS high on functional & emotional benefits.
• Stay close to the consumer through intelligent & realistic PRICING.
• Provide 'never-before-experienced' SERVICE standards to every consumer
• Create new benchmarks of ethics and business standards for all associates, partners and employees.
Atom Mobiles believes in bringing the smartphones equipped with the advanced technology.

The Company works with an objective to create products that always endeavoured in bringing the quality with innovation and radical features, encashed with style and finesse, catering to a common man who aspires to own a high end handset with value for money. This sleek style of ATOM would lead to be the the chosen brand for gadgetlovers around the world.

Our commitment to serve our customers comes with a vision to provide them with the best and most advanced technology in mobile handsets at an affordable price range.

Our USP can be focused upon the fact that we are the first mobile handset company in India to have a unique service model of Door Step Pickup & Drop. The opening of these model would provide the customers with best after sales service and address each and every concern”

We as Atom are firm believer of “Best Quality At Best Price” and always work on this mantra to give a hands on experience of the latest technology to all our customers. We conduct thorough research on technology before absorbing it in our product. Our in-house team technical team works around the clock to optimize and improve the technology for cost optimization thus transferring the benefits to our customers. Not only this, we focus on our customer’s expectations so much that it reflects in the designing of each of our product.

Consumers can expect the highest level of thought and craftsmanship in every Atom product. Additionally, we aim to bring premium products at a wallet-friendly price.

ATOM thrives in engineering innovative designs which are reflected in our products

- ATOM Supremus
- ATOM Ultimus
- ATOM Maximus
- ATOM Size Zero(Coming Soon)